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Where can I buy the enzyme products of Capella Pharma GmbH?

Source of supply

    answer You can buy (or order) our products in every pharmacy; the PZN numbers can serve as ordering help, you find them on the respective product pages. In addition, our enzyme products are also available in the Internet with different suppliers. When you enter the desired product name in an Internet search engine, you will find several suppliers.
You can also order our products directly at CAPELLA PHARMA's webshop.
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Can I take the enzyme products of Capella Pharma GmbH also in a higher dose?

Dosing; Higher dose

    answer Our enzyme products are “food supplements”. For food supplements the amount of Bromelain contained in it which may be recommended is legally restricted to less than 80 mg per day – otherwise the product would be classified as a medicinal drug. Our consumption recommendation may therefore be only as high that this limit is not exceeded. Your nutritionist, therapist or pharmacist can give further recommendations on the dosage.
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Can I take the enzyme products from Capella Pharma GmbH for longer time?

Continuous intake; Long-time intake

    answer A long time intake is possible; cumulative adverse effects which would appear only after longer intake have not been reported. If an adverse effect is observed, it mostly vanishes after short time by itself or at latest when the intake of the product is discontinued.
The quality of our products complies with the highest standard: they are produced in accordance with the European guidelines.
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Why are no recommendations given for the enzyme products of Capella Pharma GmbH for treatment or prophylaxis of illnesses?

Diseases; Illnesses; Indications

    answer Our products are food supplements. For food supplements no effects on illnesses may be advertised.
They contain animal and vegetable enzymes which can support a healthy body, e.g. a healthy vessel system or sound joints, or boost your immune system.
Your pharmacist, therapist or nutritionist will be happy to advise you about an adequate use of the products.
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Astrozym has a similar composition like an old and well-known product which has been no more available since fall 2009; its succeeding product contains only vegetable enzymes.
Has Astrozym succeeded in the continuation of the original idea of a combination of plant and animal enzymes?

Comparative product; Continuation of enzyme idea; Successor product

    answer Indeed, Astrozym has a comparable composition of the active compounds, merely the amount of the Bromelain is reduced a little, since Astrozym is a food supplement. However, it is important that Astrozym still contains an optimized combination of plant and animal enzymes, what is a decisive advantage for the effect.
Astrozym can therefore be rightly described as the product which continues the idea of the original enzyme application to support a healthy body.
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Why are there other enzyme products available which are cheaper?

Cheaper; Sales Price

    answer Other enzyme products usually contain none or only very small amounts of animal enzymes. Vegetable enzymes are considerably cheaper than animal enzymes in the production. It is much easier to extract enzymes from pineapple or papaya than from animal pancreas. And other enzyme products are often not enteric coated, meaning that most enzymes are destroyed in the gastric juice (see below). This explains the necessary price difference.
Moreover, the enzymes used by us are very active, what is obvious from the high FIP units.
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What does “FIP Units” mean?

Activity of enzymes; FIP Units

    answer With enzymes the amount of milligramms is actually fewer important when rather their activity is interesting. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of indicating the activity of different enzymes as a common measure. It has been accepted as an alternative, to calculate the total activity with respect to a single, pre-defined enzyme. For the FIP units (named after the Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique) the total proteolytic activity is determined e.g. according to the “Papain method”, a test which is optimized primarily for Papain. In this test, vegetable enzymes deliver more “units” than animal anzymes, caused methodically. Because of the higher amounts of vegetable enzymes other products can have more FIP units. If, however, no or only very small amounts of animal enzymes are contained, a direct comparison with the enzyme products of Capella Pharma GmbH is not possible. We indicate the FIP units only as a rough guide.
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Why are the tablets of Capella Pharma GmbH “enteric coated”?

Destruction in stomach; Enteric coated

    answer Enzymes are very sensitive against stronger acids. The hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice would immediately destroy the enzymes making them ineffective. The tablets of Capella Pharma GmbH are therefore – different from many other food supplements – “enteric coated”, which means that they are resistant against the gastric juice. This ensures that the tablets dissolve only in the small intestine, where the enzymes feel well.
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Can I also take the enzymes of Capella Pharma GmbH if I do not tolerate lactose?

Intolerance of lactose; Lactose

    answer Astrozym does not contain lactose, and can be taken without problems.
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  10 question

Which ones and how much enzymes are contained in Astrozym in comparison with other enzyme products?

Comparison; Competitors; Composition; Substances contained

    Antwort As compared with Astrozym all other products contain less active agents. In some other products more vegetable enzymes are contained; animal enzymes, however, in only one other product (as pancreatin), in considerably smaller amount (just 20%).
However, it is just the animal enzymes which are enormously important, since they have their working optimum in the neutral (physiological) pH range, while the vegetable enzymes work best in an acid pH range. Moreover, vegetable and animal enzymes add their effects at the substrates, that is the substances with which they react. An enzyme combination from vegetable and animal enzymes in a balanced relationship – like Astrozym – covers the complete pH range and has a broader range of action: thus it can be more effective.
Ingredient Astrozym® Phlogenzym®
Pancreatin 100 mg 25 mg
Papain 60 mg 120 mg
Bromelain 37.5 mg 133-178 mg 67.5-76.5 mg ≥ 66.7 mg 40 mg 90 mg
Trypsin 24 mg 32-48 mg
Chymotrypsin 1 mg
Rutin 50 mg 100 mg 50 mg
(see Q7)
903 FIP 800 FIP
1215FIP 450 FIP 100 FIP 1,800 FIP
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   11 question

Why isn't the “total proteolytic activity” declared for all enzyme products?

Comparing FIP units; FIP units compared

    answer For enzyme combination products usually the total proteolytic activity of all ingredients combined has been calculated according to a defined method. Mostly the “papain method” of the “Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique” (FIP) was used for this purpose. Of course, as this method is optimized for papain, it does not yield correct absolute values for other enzymes. But it is suitable to compare different enzyme combinations. This total activity has been declared for most enzyme combination products so far. Capella Pharma GmbH continues to follow this rule. For newer products, however, sometimes only the proteolytic activity for one ingredient (e.g. bromelain) is given – this has of course to be lower than the total activity. FIP units of other ingredients are then often missing. This approach makes it difficult to compare different products. Naturally, the consumer is not interested in the activity of one ingredient only, but of the whole combination.
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   12 question

Which product is Capella Pharma GmbH offering right now?

Offered product

    answer Capella Pharma GmbH presently offers one enzyme product: Astrozym to support a healthy vessel system and sound joints.
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   13 question

Can I take the “Pill” together with the enzyme products?

the Pill; birth control; oral contraceptives

    answer An interaction between our enzyme products and the “Pill” has not yet been reported. It is, however, possible that the enzymes have an effect on the active ingredients in the “Pill”. We therefore recommend not to take the enzyme product and the “Pill” at the same time, but with at least one to two hours in between. Take first the “Pill” and then the enzyme product. An idea would be to take the “Pill” in the morning, and the enzyme product at noon and at night.
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