Enzyme Combination with Rutosid as Food Supplement.

For healthy vessels and motile joints:
accounts for a good permeability of the vessels and supports the body-own resistance system.

Sound vessels are important. They support the correct blood flow. But every motion is also in need of sound joints – whether during hiking or sports or working.

Are Your Vessels Sound?

Astrozym with animal and plant enzymes and the radical scavenger rutosid accounts for good permeability of the vessels.
Sound vessels are also important for a succesful resistance system. Every boost to the resistance power is only effective as long as effective substances are carried by the blood system to the site where they are urgently needed.
For this, Astrozym can assist the vessels; additionally, it can directly support the body own resistance.
Astrozym – for sound vessels and an improved resistance.

Support Your Joints

Every motion needs sound joints. But high stress or just aging can burden a sound joint function.

Conserve Your Healthful Motility

By daily movement – during working or leisure time – the joints are often stressed to their limit. Sound joints (e.g. finger, hand, knee, ankle, and column spine joints) are important to conserve a good motility of the whole body.
Also elderly people can make a contribution to keep their motility. A suitable nutrition and weight control can be the first steps. Also well-controlled exercise and adapted sports are helpful.

If you want to do more for you and your joints, you can take Astrozym as reasonable food supplement. This product with natural enzymes and rutosid (as antioxidant and radical scavenger) can support the preservation of your joints.

Many People Can Benefit During Transitional Season

Particularly during transitional seasons the human body is exposed to high burden. The sun is shining, weather is beautiful, but evenings are cold. This can stress the body. Not necessarily. Astrozym can support your body also during transitional seasons:

Sound Bladder Function

Many people know the advantage of a sound bladder and urinary tract function. This is particularly true for women. Astrozym can support you as a supplement in nutritional physiology.

Heavy Legs

The longer the day the more you feel heavy-legged. But it is quite possible to support with a food supplement. Astrozym can support the permeability of the vessels – with better blood flow the legs feel less heavy.

Sound Resistance Power

Particularly during transitional seasons, supporting the resistance power is helpful. Astrozym can help to strengthen the body own resistance power.

Exposition to Sun

Also under the burden of intensive exposition to sun, Astrozym can assist the body to better cope with the stress of UV radiation and to boost the vigor of the body.

Can Astrozym also be Taken After Injuries and Operations?

Good blood flow and a powerful immune system help the body to regenerate better after injuries or operations with primary wound healing. Here again, Astrozym can support your body.
Prior to heavy burden, e.g. in sports, also a prophylactical intake of Astrozym can be helpful.


Active Ingredients

Astrozym contains only natural active ingredients.

Ingredient Amount per tablet Amount per day
(recommended daily dose 2 x 1 tablet)
Pancreatin 100 mg 200 mg
Papain   60 mg 120 mg
Bromelain 37.5 mg    75 mg
Trypsin   24 mg   48 mg
Chymotrypsin     1 mg     2 mg
Rutosid   50 mg 100 mg

The total proteolytic activity (acc. papain method) is 903 FIP units.
To protect the active ingredients from being destroyed by the gastric juice, the tablets are enteric coated. Astrozym is free of lactose, sugar (sucrose) and artificial azo dyes. The natural colors contained (e.g. from bell pepper) protect the light-sensitive ingredients.

When Can Astrozym be Taken?

Sound, permeable vessels and an effective body-own resistance system, but also healthy joints are important for a healthy life. Every boost to the resistance power is only effective as long as effective substances are carried by the blood system to the site where they are urgently needed.
Astrozym can frequently support maintenance of your health.

Astrozym is a food supplement!
Food supplements should not be used as substitute for a well-balanced and diversified nutrition.
To be kept without the reach of children! The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
As Astrozym is a food supplement, the legally allowed daily dose recommendation is 1 tablet twice daily. For good absorption of the active ingredients is it necessary to take Astrozym about ½ hour before of 1 hour after a meal with sufficient liquid (at least ¼ liter, preferably water) by mouth.

Your nutrition expert or pharmacist will gladly advise you the correct use.

For Your Shopping in the Pharmacy

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